We pressure-treat timber round-the-clock

Woodtec is located in Varberg port, Sweden's largest port for exports of sawn timber products. 
Our geographic location gives customers a logistics advantage. We receive shipments directly to our plant by lorry, train and boat, and then take care of transportation to the quayside. Every year we produce about 175,000 m³ in our modern pressure treatment plant. The plant's high capacity guarantees a high level of security of supply and we have a licence to pressure-treat 300,000 m³ a year.

Woodtec's staff possess solid knowledge and experience within pressure-treatment. 
Capable staff who, together with our long-term focus on the latest technology and market leading preservatives, ensure that you can confidently engage us as your natural collaborative partner.

Woodtec customises according to your wishes
We work in very close collaboration with sawmills and trading companies, and provide customised pressure-treatment solutions that correspond to your customers' wishes and requirements.

Woodtec creates added value for you by offering pressure-treated timber:

  • With the right quality
  • Delivered at the right time and place
  • At the right price

Further information about Woodtec's pressure-treatment services and preservation methods is available here.

Brief Facts

Pressure-treatment plant

  • Fully automatic pressure-treatment plant
  • Length 25 metres, width 1.2 metres and height 1.2 metres.
  • Capacity approx. 175,000m³ per year.